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being confident of a 7
in her final IB Physics Exams!

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I know what you’re thinking….

“Sally keeps telling me how useful this online course Ace Your IB Physics Exams is, but I’m not convinced…”

OK – I’d like you to meet Aya….

Aya started Ace Your IB Physics Exams a couple of months ago and I caught up with her for an online chat.

Aya’a Highlights

Here are some of the Aya’s highlights of using Ace Your IB Physics Exams so far (in her own words!):

  • In my mock exam – I got and 6 and my teacher was so surprised! This is a HUGE improvement
  • I feel now confident that if I work the right way – I can get a 7 in IB Physics.
  • Topic 2 was pretty tricky and is the hardest topic for me so far. Your tutorial for mechanics really helped a lot because you said what to focus on and which mistakes people usually do – so it really helped a lot.
  • I watched your tutorials and I think you said that definitions make up to 11% of the exams and I didn’t know that!
  • I’ve used Ace Your IB Physics Exams to help with every topic I’ve studied in school so far.

Aya’s Challenges

Here are some of Aya’s challenges faced before enrolling:

  • In previous tests, I would get mostly 5’s and 4’s.
  • Before using Ace Your IB Physics Exams, I would read over the book and look at some YouTube Videos but I didn’t really know the best way to study
  • My physics teacher is brand new to teaching and …. I don’t know…

If you can relate with Aya’s challenges and you would like to enrol in Ace Your IB Physics Exams – join the course here and start working towards your 7 in IB Physics.

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